Bleach Shades in ShadeVision

Customers want to know what bleach shade guides are in ShadeVision

Bleached Shades

Over-the-counter and in-office tooth bleaching have become increasingly popular with today's cosmetic minded patients.  There are others that have naturally bright teeth that are higher in value and/or lower in chroma than traditional shade guides ("Vita Classical, Trubyte Bioform", etc...).  In order to ensure reliable shade matching for these patients, X-Rite included the bleach tabs for the "Vita 3D Master", "Chromascop", and "Shofu Vintage Halo" shade guides.  Dentsply's "Illuminé" bleach shade guide has been added in ShadeVision v.4.0 as well.  If the user is viewing tooth shade data using a shade guide that does not have "bleach tabs" available and it gives a red shade assignment indicating that another shade guide might be preferable, and the tooth appears to be high in value, then try the "Vita 3D Master", "Chromascop", "Vintage Halo", or "Illuminé", shade guides.

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