Battery Rejuvenation for ShadeVision

ShadeVision battery packs will lose their capacity to hold a charge over time.  This utility will often allow users to continue to use their device by rejuvenating the battery packs. Customers will see "Measurement failed - low battery" messages and/or the device will shut off during use.

Rechargeable batteries gradually lose their ability to take and hold a charge.  This is especially true if the batteries are not allowed to deeply discharge or to fully recharge.  This characteristic of rechargeable batteries can be (at least partially) corrected by performing “deep cycle charging”. This deep charging procedure can generally restore much of the original capacity of most rechargeable batteries.

Note: To rejuvenate the instrument batteries is a simple process and is well worth the effort. For the majority of the time, it does not require direct attention as the batteries slowly discharge and then recharge during this process.

Follow these instructions:

Click here to download the ShadeVision Battery Rejuvenator utility. Save the utility to the desktop of the ShadeVision computer. 

This utility is also available in the "Battery" folder on all ShadeVision install/update CDs that were released after 2003.  The "Battery" folder will be in the "Utility" folder on the CD and the "DVSBatteryRecharger.exe" can be copied to the desktop of the ShadeVision PC.



Computer must already have ShadeVision v.3.01 (or higher) installed.

ShadeVision program must remain closed during the entire recharging process.

Docking station must have USB and Power connected.

Computer should not be allowed to "Hibernate" or go to "Standby".

Double click on "DVSBatteryRecharger.exe" to run the program.  Dock the ShadeVision instrument and press the "Start Recharging Cycle" button. The program will perform a "deep cycle recharge" for up to 4 cycles. Most batteries will probably be recharged after 1 or 2 cycles. When the charging cycles are complete, the program will show the "Fully Charged" message. If the battery capacity is not restored to at least 75% of the brand-new capacity, the program will state that the batteries are not fully charged. Recharging can take up to 48 hours to complete. It might be advisable to perform this over the weekend instead of a weekday. Test the system to see if there is enough improvement to meet your needs. If this procedure does not restore battery capacity to an acceptable state, contact X-Rite Customer Service to have the instrument sent in for servicing.

Typically, this rejuvenation will need to be performed every month or symptoms persist.  Eventually, the battery packs will no longer rejuvenate  the device will need to be serviced.

If a noticeable improvement in the capacity of the instrument’s batteries is not seen, it may be necessary to have the battery packs replaced and have the instrument re-certified. Contact X-Rite Customer Service for details.

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