Battery Pack Replacement With ShadeVision

ShadeVision battery packs (p/n: SE15-31) will need to be replaced every three years or so and ShadeVision is no longer service.  The battery packs can be purchased from BBM Battery and the customer can use these instructions to install them.

The ShadeVision product has been discontinued and is no longer serviced or supported.  The battery packs (part number: SE15-31) are no longer available to purchase from our vendor. ShadeVision battery packs can now be purchased at BBM Battery at the following link.  Each ShadeVision instrument requires two battery packs so be sure to order two "X-Rite-SE-15-31" battery packs from BBM Battery when replacing the ShadeVision battery packs.

Link to the "X-Rite-SE-15-31" battery packs on the BBM Battery web site:

X-Rite will not accept any responsibility or blame for damage or injury while replacing these battery packs.  The device requires two battery packs (BBM Battery p/n: X-Rite-SE-15-31) for each ShadeVision device.  Use the following instructions to replace the battery packs:    

  1. Make sure that the ShadeVision device is powered off.
  2. Remove the two plastic adhesive labels and set them aside with the adhesive side up so they can be reused later.  One label is the semicircular label above the LCD touchpad display and the other is the 3” x ¼” label on the underside of the device.  
  3. Remove the four Phillips screws (the shorter screws are above the LCD touchpad display).
  4. Lift the back housing (with the LCD display) away from the front housing far enough to expose the battery packs in the handle area of the device.
  5. Loosen the Phillips screw enough to lift and rotate the battery bracket 90°.
  6. Carefully disconnect the battery pack electrical connectors and discard the old batteries.
  7. Place the new battery packs in the battery holders and rotate and tighten the battery bracket.  Do not over tighten the screw.   Make sure to connect the battery electrical connectors with the locking clips on the proper side.
  8. Place the back housing and front housing together making sure to not pinch ant wiring between the housings.
  9. Use the shorter screws above the LCD and the longer screws in the underside/handle area to reassemble the housings.  Do not over tighten the screws.
  10. Replace the adhesive labels, place the device on its powered docking station, and allow it to fully charge.  Overnight charging may be necessary.

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