Battery Charge Expectancy / Measuring On The Road

Customers would like to know whether they can measure remotely with their ShadeVision instrument.

The X-Rite ShadeVision instrument is powered remotely by six rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries that remain fully charged by keeping ShadeVision docked whenever the user is not measuring.  X-Rite officially states that a fully charged ShadeVision instrument will hold a charge for eight hours.  Don't forget that battery charge expectancy will diminish from taking measurements.  Freezing targeting, measuring, deleting bad measurements and then re-measuring, etc...will certainly cut down the allowable time needed to return the instrument to the docking station.  After the battery drops to about 30% of capacity, the instrument will "beep" and then reset (shut down).  All measurements will be lost and the DVI will need to be docked to "wake up".  There are other considerations as well -

  1. Cold weather will significantly reduce the allowable time as well.
  2. Taking the ShadeVision to remote sites to measure was not the original intent of the system and as a result, was not officially tested in this manner.
  3. Weather - cold, rainy, snow, etc...can effect battery life expectancy and can lead to internal condensation and/or an increased chance of fogging during targeting.  Cold weather will significantly reduce the allowable time as well.
  4. Customers CANNOT remove the tip after calibrating.  Some early customers were calibrating, removed the tip, packed up the instrument, driving to a remote site to measure, replaced the tip (without recalibrating), and then measured.  The same tip will need to be recalibrated if it is removed and then reattached.
  5. Sometimes the customer does not see a targeting error on the initial instrument upload and does catch it until after uploading to the monitor.
  6. Increased chance of dropping the instrument as it is carried from location to location.

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