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4K or 5K High Resolution Issue

Some X-Rite applications will not view properly on monitors set to high resolutions (4K or 5K).  The application windows may be extremely small with little chance for the end user to read the fonts in the application.

 We've seen an issue on some displays set to a 4K and 5K, that results in a very small X-Rite application window along with unreadable text in the application.  We will need to compile a new software release on the next version of the Qt Framework in order to properly size on 4K and 5K displays.  Until there is a permanent solution, the simplest workaround is to change your display resolution to 1920 x 1080 (or similar), REBOOT THE COMPUTER, and then the X-Rite application should view and work normally.  If the text/fonts are too large for the application (particularly on Windows 10) after changing resolution, make sure that the font size is at 100% as well.  You will need to reboot after changing text/font size.  After profiling, you can change your text/font size and resolution back to your desired 4K or 5K, reboot, and the display profile will be valid for either resolution.  Your X-Rite software has an auto update feature that will remind you when a new version is available to fix this resolution issue in the future.

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