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My monitor looks different after calibrating with ColorMunki Smile

After calibrating your display using ColorMunki Smile, you can click the Before and After buttons to compare how your newly calibrated monitor looks.

When using the Before and After buttons, you’ll probably notice that the calibrated image looks a little warmer, maybe a little more yellow or orange compared to the original, and possibly less bright. THAT’S GOOD, and this is normal for most displays!!  Those richer tones are more accurate to the way images look under natural light.  This is what we want to achieve.

If you see a radical color cast, it’s possible that we need to change a setting.  Click on the Preferences icon here.  The Colormunki Smile is designed to work with both standard LCD displays, as well as newer LED backlit displays.  The Colormunki software automatically tries to determine the display type, but if it’s incorrect you might need to make a change.  If you know the display type, click the right selection here and re-do your profile.

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