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IntelliTrax2 Pro Software v3.2.0.18

Name: IntelliTrax2 Pro Software

Version: v3.2.0.18

Previous Version: v3.2.0.17

Release Date: dezembro 6, 2021

File Type: ZIP file with Installer & Release Notes

Download File: PC Version


Requires Windows 10 64-bit or Windows 11 64-bit

This is a full release of IntelliTrax2 Pro software. This software only supports IntelliTrax2 systems, but not previous IntelliTrax systems.

This is a chargeable upgrade from IntelliTrax2 v2 software. A new AUI number is required. Please contact your local X-Rite sales rep for pricing and additional information.

This version fixes an issue for customers using European languages.:

  • Fixes an issue with file formatting (“,” versus “.”) that caused CCJ files to not be loaded properly.

Previous version contains improvements and bug fixes, including:
Feature improvements:

  • Multiple improvements for the ColorCert workflow

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes an error with density only jobs
  • Fixes an issue with mixed mode jobs (i.e. M0 for Colorimetric and M3 for Densitometric)
  • Fixes an error with the “Optimum” checkbox state for Quality Grade
  • Fixes an issue with restoring a database from an earlier version (v2.1.1 and earlier)

This version, contains improvements and bug fixes, including:
New features:

  • MSSQL Server 2019 (Note: requires Windows 10 64-bit) 

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes an issue with density only jobs
  • Fixes an issue with jobs supporting M3 measurement mode
  • Fixes a issue when remeasuring a target ink using the eXact
  • Allows to export jobs that contain a CCJ reference and import it properly on another system
  • Fixes several CCJ related issue with Gray Balance patches
  • Fixes an issue with G7 tolerances when they were part of a ColorCert job

Previous version contains improvements and bug fixes, including:
New features:

  • ColorCert workflow integration
    • CCJ's hot folder to access the jobs from Press Tool
    • Display sheet and job score in Press Tool, including scoring dashboards
    • Direct connectivity to ColorCert Scorecard Server
    • XML output with scoring (including actual, standard and tolerance)
    • Ability for visual scoring metrics
  • G7 Updates (G7 Press Control System Certification)
    • Support for Static and Dynamic G7 Mode
    • SCCA support
    • New G7 Gray and G7 Tone Screens
    • G7 indicator on the Press Tool screen for quick reference
    • Detailed and Summary G7 Dashboards, including G7 Report
    • G7 Gray Guidance support to the Gray Balance screen
    • G7 Color Bar indicators within the Project Template editor for quick G7 compliance checking
    • CGATS import updates
  • Updated pre-loaded G7, PSO and Japan Color Libraries
  • Added option to enter density tolerance and display density with a resolution of 0.001
  • Added second option for “External Application” to Local Machine Configuration Tool (tab Miscellaneous), with option to name it
  • Updated warning symbol in Press Tool to turn red when a graph goes red (out of tolerance) and yellow when the graph goes yellow (warning)
  • Extended XML export with tolerances and paper name
  • Added language selection to Local Machine Configuration Tool

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