InkFormulation v6.32

Name: InkFormulation

Version: v6.32

Previous Version: v6.31

Release Date: abril 2, 2019

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Executable

Download File: PC Version


Notes: Version 6.3.2 is a maintenance release with the following new features and fixes since the initial release of V6.3.

  • Colorant restrictions work correctly again (bug in 6.31)
  • Fixed unexpected behaviors in the Recipe Editor
  • Fixed unexpected behaviors when changing Thickness
  • Better handling of colorants and quanities when switching between recipe modes
  • Improvements in handling recipes with PantoneLIVE
  • Corrected unknown filter message on loading certain PantoneLIVE recipes
  • Removed system crashes when sending recipes to Quality Control Solutions
  • Recipe now correctly exported as cxf file according to the selected option
  • Corrections on importing and converting databases
  • Multiple tabbed recipes now print correctly
  • Printing read only recipes is now possible
  • Workflow “Recipe new” works correctly again
  • Jump to selected recipe in the recipe selection list
  • Clipboard works correctly now with dot and comma as you see it in the recipe
  • Windows for file browsing are now scalable
  • LabCh now shown in all relevant windows
  • Added support for Santint dispensing system

Known bugs:

  • Editing the the 2nd correction changes component values wrong (workaround: Saving and reopening the recipe before 2nd correction)
  • Editing the correction with a leftover ink changes component values wrong (only happens when not using leftover for correction)
  • Recipe sets are not saved in a database backup (workaround: use recommended command line backup)

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