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i1Scanner v1.8.4

Name: i1Scanner

Version: v1.8.4

Previous Version: v1.8.3

Release Date: abril 29, 2019

File Type: PC - ZIP file, Mac - ZIP file

Download File: PC Version Mac Version


v1.8.4  may be enabled with an activation serial number that enables scanner profiling. 

The i1Profiler Scanner Profiling workflow will let you get the most out of your scans, prints and proofs, with repeatable results from this powerful profiling solution.

This software solution requires a serial number to activate scanner profiling in our i1Profiler Software application. Activation serial numbers are bundled with select versions of our ColorChecker® Digital SG and ColorChecker® Classic targets.


  • Simply scan the target to generate high quality ICC profile.
  • Software automatically detects and crops target.
  • Software supports the following targets: 
    • ColorChecker Classic 
    • ColorChecker Digital SG 
    • Reflective IT 8.7/2 
    • Transmissive 4x5 and 35mm IT 8.7/1

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