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Can EZcolor Profile Devices with More than 4 Colorants?

Q: I was wondering whether or not MonacoEZcolor v2.5 can profile printers with colors that go beyond the standard CMYK inks (green and red as with the Canon i9900)? Can v2.5 correctly map printers that have more inks than the standard 4 to 6 colors?

A: MonacoEZcolor can profile pretty much any device (driver) that handles data in RGB or CMYK and can be accurately scanned by a flatbed scanner. When MonacoEZcolor makes a profile, it is modeling the relationship between the RGB or CMYK data values sent and the measured output, which is in the CIELab color space. The number of colorants is not the limiting factor. The data format and scanner are actually the limiting factors in this environment. While Monaco does manufacture software that specifically handles up to eight color devices, it is only useful if you can individually control each of the ink colors. In most situations this is not possible.

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