When working to an automotive manufacturer’s specification, suppliers must verify color accuracy and prove compliance, which introduces many challenges. 


Together, X-Rite’s MA-5 QC multi-angle spectrophotometer and EFX QC software help part suppliers quickly evaluate metallic and special effect finishes on automotive parts and communicate clear expectations with manufacturers.

Here’s how:

  • 60% faster data collection per measurement
  • 0.02 dE repeatability on white for consistent color data
  • Within 0.16 dE inter-instrument agreement on 196 solid, metallic, and pearlescent effect paints
  • 50% lighter at <22 ounces (615 grams)
  • 45% more compact

Learn how the MA-5 QC handheld spectrophotometer and EFX QC software work together to quickly and efficiently measure a finished part and compare it with digital data.

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