Inline Color Measurement

Catch small color deviations immediately so that your production team can save time, money, and rework.

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XRite ERX130

The ERX130 spectrophotometer is designed for non-contact reflection measurement and color evaluation. Ideal for those in industrial applications, this solution helps early detection and elimination of color faults.

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XRite ERX50

The ERX50 inline spectrophotometer provides accurate measurement and assessment of colors in industrial applications for the early detection and elimination of faults.

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XRite ERX145

The ERX145 is an inline, non-contact, non-destructive colorimeter with 45°/0° geometry ideal for coil coating and other industrial applications.

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X-Rite Inline Color Measurement Solutions

Avoid waste, rework, and added costs throughout production.

During manufacturing, color shifts can be costly, resulting in waste, rework and delayed time to market. High quality inline color measurement instruments, such as the ERX50, provide operators with the real-time color information required to avoid costly production line errors. Fill out the form to learn more!
X-Rite Pantone
"The investment into inline color management is fully justified...the exact color control (inline) makes for precisely meeting the predefined L*, a*, b* values...little maintenance effort required."
Oliver Csirits, Technical DirectorMondi Raubling, Germany
"Since we started using the inline closed loop color control from X-Rite, we have no more complaints about color from our customers.”
Udo Habnit, Technology/Quality InsuranceArctic Paper Mochenwangen, Germany
Inline Color Measurement

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