X-Rite Densitometers

X-Rite densitometers are ideal for your density control and CMYK operations. Contact our team to learn which densitometer is right for your business.

Ranging from basic to advanced, X-Rite has a densitometer for your workflow.

X-Rite eXact Basic Plus, X-Rite Densitometer, Densitometer for Printing eXact Basic Plus

Need a device to measure all aspects of CMYK in the pressroom? The eXact Basic Plus automatically detects color and patch type and compares production density measurements against stored standards with pass/fail indication.

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X-Rite eXact Basic eXact Basic

Looking for a simple and economical device to measure density on press? The eXact Basic densitometer is designed specifically for CMYK jobs, enabling you to achieve and maintain accurate color throughout the run.

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XRite 361T

The 361T Tabletop Transmission Densitometer from X-Rite is ideal for linearizing imagesetters, as it adjusts exposure and processor quality control in film processing.

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Why Invest In A Color or Density Solution?

By blending the art and science of color, we help your business achieve the highest level of color integrity so your product - and your customer's product - comes out ahead.

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