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Why Choose MA-5 QC? 

With advanced features, the MA-5 QC portable spectrophotometer can improve the accuracy of color evaluation and track data for process improvements across your supply chain. Featuring strategically-placed optics at the tip for easy positioning, it is 60% faster, 50% lighter, and 40% more compact than any other five-angle device on the market.

When paired with EFX QC software, the MA-5 QC can digitally communicate tolerances and measurement procedures for real-time color harmony monitoring.

Why Should You Upgrade to the MA-5 QC?

  • Safely position the instrument for fewer errors and more accurate measurements.
  • Easily input and analyze data using an intuitive and modern touch screen interface.
  • Quickly capture measurements in around 2.5 seconds. 
  • Reduce the downtime associated with daily calibration with a 21-day calibration.
  • Evaluate the effect of sample temperature using the on-screen sensor. 
  • Pair with EFX QC software to utilize advanced features like job based searchable databases.

Buy before December 31, 2020 and receive a free EFX QC software license ($3,000 USD value).

This is a limited time offer!

Contact our dedicated Color Experts today to discuss how MA-5 QC can start saving you money and time.

Promotion Terms: 

  • May not be combined with any other offers and may be withdrawn without notice.
  • Competitive trade-ins require the return of the instrument.
  • X-Rite trade-ins require the return of the instrument.
  • X-Rite reserves the right to limit the number of trade-ins.

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