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Get on the path to brand color consistency today!

This easy-to-implement quick start bundle will get you headed down the right path to a data-driven color and print quality program so you can see improved color quality on your brand packaging quickly, and easily.


Brand Packaging Starter Kit Bundle

We know that improving your color and print quality program can seem like a daunting task with multiple locations, multiple printing processes, multiple SKUs and multiple stakeholders. It takes time and resources to implement a full-scale overhaul. That's why we are now offering this quick-start bundle specifically tailored for brand owners so you can start to move the needle as quickly and easily as possible.

This easy-to-implement starter bundle includes the following:

Ci6x Family eXact
eXact or Ci64 Series

Our handheld color measurement solutions for understanding, controlling, managing and communicating color across the entire color workflow, avoiding reprints and rework.


PantoneLIVE Production

Provides common color digital standards for a wide variety of packaging materials and processes, allowing you to see how your color will appear on selected substrates.

ColorCert Ink Room Tools
ColorCert Ink Room Tools

Offers a simple pass/fail software measurement solution designed for brands to begin numerical color evaluations. It is ideal for someone getting started with color measurement and in need of basic PDF reports.


Judge QC Light Booth
Judge QC Light Booth

Improve visual color assessments by introducing controlled lighting. State-of-the-art light sources, including natural filtered daylight, making it easy to practically view and assess color.

Remote 1-day WebEx & Online Training

Get started right away with a personalized online training session with one of our Solutions Architects who knows your industry. The learning continues after the personalized session with open access to our online library of training videos available on-demand.

Estimated Total Cost:

$11,500 | 12,700 GBP | 10,270 Euro

Contact our dedicated brand team today to get started on the path to enhanced color.

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eXact Standard



For the Most Accurate and Precise Measurement

Judge QC

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