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By trading in your legacy instrument, you’ll benefit from unmatched versatility and color measurement accuracy, reducing waste and rework while shrinking cycle time. Whether measuring plastic parts, cosmetics, or liquid coatings, MetaVue VS3200 will speed up your color formulation, production color checks and quality control operations.

Why Trade-In?

  • Measure a wider variety of samples with apertures ranging from 2mm to 12mm.

  • Quickly and easily select the exact target area being measured.

  • Provide an audit trail and easy retrieval of images by referencing stored image samples.

  • Integrate MetaVue VS3200 with Color iMatch and/or Color iQC software.

  • Backward compatible with X-Rite VS450, 962, and 964 data.

Promotion Terms:

  • A 10% trade-in credit will apply to the purchase of MetaVue VS3200

  • Valid until 28 December 2018

  • Competitive trade-ins require the return of the instrument

  • X-Rite trade-ins require the return of the instrument

  • X-Rite reserves the right to limit the number of trade-ins

Instruments eligible for trade-in:

X-Rite: 2145 / VS450 / 962 / 964 / SP62 / SP64 / Ci52 / Ci62 / Ci64 / Ci4200
Datacolor: 200M / 45G
Konica Minolta: 2500c
HunterLab: ColorFlex EZ / LabScan / MiniScan
BYK: Spectro-Guide
3nh: NS800

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