Currently using X-RiteColor Master or Formulation Master? It's time to upgrade to Color iMatch!



What's new?

  • Better match engine: Save sample prep time and material by characterizing colorants and bases independently, then mix and match to formulate.
  • Enhanced capabilities to accelerate your workflows:
    • Formulate batches in fewer steps.
    • Define preferred colorants and assign priorities for each formulation.
    • Graphically see achievability using a specific set of colorants before you formulate.
  • Enhanced Colorant Assortment Editor: Better data preparation and assessment tools that provide actionable information and performance confidence.
  • MDB and SQL compliant: Easily access and manage your color database. 
  • Operating system compatibility: Color iMatch offers assured compatibility with current and future Microsoft Operating Systems…As well as most industry instruments.

    Fill out the form to receive a special upgrade price of $6,000 for both product and training!

    • Training includes 2 days of onsite training (including travel and living expenses) and 1 seat for the X-Rite iMatch user's course.
    • Can be combined with existing hardware trade-in promotions.
    • Offer may be withdrawn without notice.

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    Color iMatch

    For Formulating Plastics, Coatings and Textiles

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