If you’re ready to say goodbye to color inconsistencies that result in customer rejects, waste, and rework then this “handy” bundle is for you. Specifically tailored to quality control professionals, this bundle will bring consistency to your color measurement and management processes.

The “handy” bundle includes a Ci64 handheld spectrophotometer and your choice of one of the following software or service packages:

Software Packages:

  • iQC Basic – An entry-level solution that is ideal for color quality control and management in less complex environments.
  • iQC Pro – A high-end, job-oriented quality control solution that streamlines color measurement, reporting and recording to maintain a centralized, cost-efficient process.
  • NetProfiler – A blend of software and color standards used to verify and optimize performance of your color measurement devices.

Service Packages:

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Estimated Total Savings*: $2,019

Limited time offer! Contact our dedicated color experts today to get started on the path to more consistent color.

Promotion Terms:

  • This offer can be terminated at any time. X-Rite reserves the right to limit quantities.

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For the Most Accurate and Precise Measurement

Color iQC for Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Color iQC

For Quality Control and Quality Assurance

NetProfiler Software for Device Optimization

NetProfiler Software

For Device Optimization

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