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Upgrade i1Basic to i1Basic Pro?

What do I need to do if I have an i1Pro (or OEM version, such as some EFI ES-1000's) that currently only has monitor profiling using i1Match software? Can I upgrade to use i1Profiler by simply downloading i1Profiler software?


Question: I have an i1, which includes a license for the Monitor Module in the i1Match Software (i1Basic product, received in a bundle with a Printer or RIP). How can I upgrade to i1Basic Pro, so that I can use my existing i1 with the Monitor Module (only) in the new i1Profiler software?

Answer: This is an upgrade free of charge. The Monitor license in your existing i1 will also license the Monitor Module in the new i1Profiler software. You would just need to download and install the new software (i1Profiler).

To download i1Profiler, click here.

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