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PM5 Optical Brightener Correction - How to achieve this using i1Profiler

If you have been using Optical Brightener Correction in PM5, how do you achieve the same results in i1Profiler?PM5 Optical Brightener Correction -> How to achieve in i1Profiler?

Question: ProfileMaker 5 did include a software-based option for Optical Brightener Correction (OBC) at least for the Perceptual table in a profile. If the software detected optical brightener in the measurement data, a checkbox for OBC was enabled and could be switched on or off. This helped me to avoid color casts in a profile. How can I achieve this with i1Profiler?

Answer: The new i1Profiler software includes a completely new profiling engine, which provides already by default a most neutral gray axis and this effects on all Rendering Intent tables. This has also been confirmed for papers containing optical brighteners.

Additionally, i1Profiler provides a special option to enlarge the range of how far the neutralisation of grays goes into the more chromatic color areas: Profile Settings -> Perceptual -> Neutralize Gray. This allows to increase the neutrality of the gray axis further.

Owners of an iSis can additionally perform a dedicated Optical Brightener Compensation workflow. In this workflow, a visually based Optical Brightener Compensation will be included in the ICC profiling procedure. This is also a powerful and well-working way, to compensate for color shifts in the gray axis caused by an amount of UV light in a paper or even decide visually on how to build the gray axis. The iSis is capapble to deliver two sets of measurement data – with and without included UV information. Additionally, it comes by default with a set of neutral Gray Cards (produced by Munsell), which are acting as neutral gray references for the visual judgement to identify most neutral grays of the printer.

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