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FAQ: Before using Optimize Profile in i1Profiler software, try this

There's a number of suggested steps we recommend prior to trying to optimize an i1Profiler printer profile.

In i1Profiler software you have the ability to optimize an existing i1Profiler created printer profile by printing out a new set of additional patches and rebuilding the profile with those new measurements.

The choice of those additional patches is typically based on a decision on which colors you wish to focus on, in terms of improving color gamut or accuracy.

However, we would recommend you not immediately rush to use the optimize feature until you've tried improving the original profile in a few ways.

The simplest way to improve the smoothness of the color response of the profile is to make your measurement patches wider than the minimum width. This will allow the i1Pro or i1PRO2 to make more measurements per patch.

The second method we'd suggest to you would be to make multiple measurements of a target (using the Advanced profiling mode) and save each measurement separately. Then once you have multiple measurement files you can drag and drop them all on the Measurement icon in the Advanced workflow and the software will automatically average them for you. This helps to smooth out any irregularities that might have occurred in a single scan of a target.

And finally we'd always recommend you save the measurement file of a target before moving onto the profiling stage of i1Profiler. That will allow you to easily reload the measurement file and choose a different set of Profile Settings, to rebuild a profile. This allows you to quickly test to see if a particular setting is most appropriate for your profiles.

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