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FAQ: Profile Editing in i1Profiler

Profile editing doesn't show up a separate module in i1Profiler. Here's what's possible.When you first examine the Advanced Printer Profiling mode of i1Profiler software, you may be surprised to not see a specific module titled "Profile Editing". Earlier X-Rite and GretagMacbeth software programs would have had a profile editing option or module. The software design of i1Profiler was specifically set up to allow for quick revision of a profile by using new settings or by using the Optimization feature. The Optimization feature would have you create a second target with the addition of some specific colors that you wish to use to "improve" a specific color range in the resulting profile. Nevertheless, that isn't exactly the same thing as "Profile Editing".

The i1Profiler software has an option to change the white point of a profile in the Profile Settings stage of the Advanced mode. For many people, that was the only edit they ever wanted to make, so that could constitute "profile editing" if changing the underlying white point to more closely match a target substrate was the primary reason to edit.

One important detail is that you can only use the white point editing feature on profiles created in i1Profiler software, or from measurements that have been successfully imported into i1Profiler and then used to create a profile.

One very common practice in i1Profiler software is to save your measurement files as a separate asset in i1Profiler, then try a variety of profile settings, saving each profile individually. Once you've tried the options you think relevant, then you can open up a sample image in either Photoshop or Lightroom and use the softproofing feature to see the visual impact of those profile setting changes. Please keep in mind that you must restart Photoshop or Lightroom after creating a new printer profile, in order for those profiles to show up.

And please keep in mind that you don't want to edit a monitor profile in any event. 

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