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Color Management Disabled In Printer Profiling

Inkjet printers and in particular older Canon inkjet printer models might not have a clear choice of how to disable color management.

We get many calls and e-mails regarding the Canon printer driver for older Canon inkjet printers and how they behave with X-Rite software.

i1Profiler and ColorMunki use a software system call which used to be used in Adobe CS4 (and below) products and is now used in The Adobe Color Print Utility.

This call takes over the color management from the driver and makes sure no profile is applied. You can see this in the Canon driver as the controls in the Canon Color Options dialog are disabled.

i1Profiler users can test this by printing a tiff target directly from i1Profiler, and then printing the same tiff out of some other software with color management off.

ColorMunki Photo/Design software uses that same system call to disable color management when printing targets.

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