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How to obtain LAB values in i1Profiler using an i1Basic Pro or i1Basic PRO2

Normally, you would need to have an i1Publish Pro or i1Publish PRO2 spectrophotometer to obtain LAB values. Here's a workaround for owners of the Basic model.

Normally, we require that you use an i1Publish Pro or i1Publish PRO2 spectrophotometer to obtain LAB values from a patch measurement. However, some older versions of i1Profiler software can permit the use of an i1Basic Pro or i1Basic PRO2 spectrophotometer and get LAB values in a roundabout fashion.

Since the release of i1Profiler 1.6.3 software, the owners of the i1Publish Pro or i1Publish PRO2 devices can doubleclick on saved spot measurement and get a quick visual of the color information.
However, the 1.6.3 version of software will not permit someone with an i1Basic PRO2 (your device) to do the doubleclick. You will get that alert message telling you about the lack of the proper license in the device.

If you install an older version of i1Profiler (1.5.6 for example), that could allow you to create a target using the Measure Chart function, and then save the values by clicking on Page Data, Save. 

Now choose the i1Profiler CGATS Custom .txt format, and you can choose to include the data fields you wish, such as LAB. This will create a text file you can open up and then extract that information. Perhaps a few extra steps, but at least it will permit your device to get the desired LAB information.

We'd suggest you consider adding the i1Publish Upgrade to your i1Basic PRO2 device. This will permit you to do these measurements much more simply, as well as to have the benefits of all the newer version enhancements going forward. Please keep in mind that newer versions of your computer operating system may preclude you from using older versions of i1Publish software.


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