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Averaging CxF files in i1Profiler

How to average CxF files that i1Profiler can emit.One file format that the i1Profiler software is able to emit is the Color Exchange Format (CxF). This is a file format standard created by X-Rite that has been offered to the industry as an open standard, and has become widely adopted for many color control purposes. There are many third party software programs that are able to understand and accept CxF files, and in some cases people who use the CxF format want to average multiple CxF files into a single file. This can be done when you want to smooth out any slight irregularities in measurement that might show up in a single CxF file.

You will go into the CMYK profiling workflow, choose that test chart and do your measurements. With having the known target values for the patches, now you can save those measurements out as an .mxf file. Repeat for as many times per target and for as many targets as you wish, saving each measurement separately as .mxf.

Now you can shift click and drag all those .mxf files onto the Measurement icon and i1Profiler will average them. Now save out the averaged Measurement file first as .mxf (for safety, as well as to be able to reload the averaged file if needed), then save it out as the averaged .CxF file that you originally wanted.


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