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Full Black separation and Intelligent Black

How to determine which black generation option to use in the i1Profiler Advanced Printer profile settings.

Typically the Full Black separation setting would be used if you wanted to have a pure black channel, above all other characteristics. The best way to achieve a pure black channel would be to select "Full Black separation", then max Black at 100% and Black Width at 100%.

Here's our description of what is happening when you choose "Intelligent Black". Think of it is as an insurance policy. If intelligent black is turned on, it prevents the user from entering black generation settings that the profiling core logic thinks will provide a less than ideal profile.If the users settings are close to what the core thinks is the ideal solution, then it won't change your settings.

The only likely change that would be needed to make Intelligent Black more closely mimic Full Black Separation would be to change the Black Width to 100.

You can get a visual idea of what is happening in Intelligent Black without building multiple profiles. Open up i1Profiler and in the CMYK profiling mode, go to Profile Settings.

Choose Intelligent Black, pick an appropriate image from the Roman 16 image suite, and click on the black channel icon. Now as you make a change in the slider settings, you'll see a real time representation of the impact on that image for the change.

Unfortunately, we aren't able to do the same preview image when you choose Full Black Separation.


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