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FAQ: Best basic settings for Device Links

The i1Profiler software offers the ability to create Device Link profiles. Here's our suggestion re: good starting settings to use.The i1Profiler software, when used with an i1Publish PRO2 spectrophotometer, or a HASP dongle containing the i1Profiler licenses is able to create Device Link profiles.
This will allow you to create a profile that will simulate a different print condition and requires that you have a source and destination profile to combine for the device link creation.

It is possible to create device links between RGB to RGB color spaces, CMYK to CMYK color spaces, or from an RGB to a CMYK color space. You will want to have both the source and destination profile created with i1Profiler software. We cannot guarantee that you will be successful in creating a device link if one or both profiles aren't created with i1Profiler. Some third party profiles may permit creation of a device link, but many will not.

In our internal testing, we've found that choosing Relative Colorimetric rendering intent, with Black Point Compensation was the basic combination that we found gave our most reliable creation of device links. Preserving the destination black channel gave the cleanest results.
Our testing also indicated that using the Perceptual rendering intent was likely to give an inferior result to Relative Colorimetric. This partially due to our conclusion that Relative Colorimetric is a much more appropriate rendering intent when dealing with the types of proofing conditions where you would likely want to employ a Device Link profile. Yes, the i1Profiler software does allow the creation of a Device Link using the Perceptual rendering intent that many photographers are familiar with, and asked for its inclusion in Device Link creation, but we advocate choosing Relative Colorimetric for best results.

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