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InkFormulation v6.51

Imię: InkFormulation

Wersja: v6.51

Wcześniejsza Wersja: v6.50

Data Wydania: czerwca 29, 2021

Typ pliku: PC - Self-extracting Executable

Pobierz: Wersja PC


Version 6.5.1 is a maintenance release that corrects issues which were identified since the initial release of 6.5

Bug Fixes:

  • The calibrated thickness objects have now also correct values if existing recipes have been used for calibration.
  • The same number of recipes as in InkFormulation 6.4.1 is generated in a formulation if a component is marked as “Use in every recipe”.

Known issue:

  • Batch processing with Offset assortments using thickness optimization gives always recipes with a film thickness closest to 100% within the min/max range. As workaround either use InkFormulation 6.4.1 or calculate the recipes individually.

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