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ColorCert Suite v4.2.0 Build 143

Imię: ColorCert Suite

Wersja: v4.2.0 Build 143

Wcześniejsza Wersja: v4.1.1 Build 13

Data Wydania: kwietnia 29, 2021

Typ pliku: PC - MSI Installer, MAC - Disk Image File

Pobierz: Wersja Mac Wersja PC


ATTENTION: As a new major version release, QA Tools users with Perpetual Licenses will require a purchased upgrade in order to use 4.0+ (PN# CCR-CCQAP). Please contact Sales if you have any questions or assistance in obtaining the upgrade.

ATTENTION: Mac users who use a hardware dongle to license their system should not upgrade to 4.0+ as the hardware dongle software is not compatible with the latest Apple application notarization requirements. Users who use a software dongle to license the software may upgrade to 4.0+ with no problem. We encourage all users to upgrade to software dongle licensing. Please contact Tech Support if you need to make this transition.

New Features/Improvements Since 4.1.1:

  • Rules Editor: Hide 'Legacy Visual Mode' if all visual options switched off.
  • Preferences: Add a combined SPIN/SPEX option to the 'Action on loading multimode colors' option to allow both to be loaded by default.
  • Pressroom Tools: Allow combined SPIN/SPEX targets and measurements to be taken.
  • Pressroom Tools: Add gloss and MBR metrics.
  • Pressroom Tools: Allow filter modes to be mixed from 0/45 and spherical instruments on the same job.
  • QA Tools: Add Gloss and MBR metrics.
  • QA Tools: Allow selection of filter mode on widgets.
  • IFS Integration: Much improved workflow between ColorCert and IFS.
  • QA Tools: It is now possible to add filter modes to existing standards and substrates.
  • General: Instrument options are all now available under the devices button.
  • General: Undertones same lightness mode will now detect if the sample is outside the available target tint ramp from 25% to 75% and will drop back to best match mode if so.
  • General: Undertone calculations are now consistent between pressroom tools and inkroom tools.
  • General: The CXF/X-4 file format is now supported as input.
  • QA Tools: Support for migrating ColorQuality data.
  • Pressroom Tools: The mediastrip editor is now available to Pressroom ColorCert licenses (previously was only available to master licenses).
  • General: Prompt for the filter mode to use if loading from a source which doesn't indicate the mode.
  • QA Tools: Add 'Color Name Alias' to standards/substrates.
  • Database Search: Separate filter defaults between QA Tools and Profile Editor.
  • QA Tools: Add new security options to allow users who can create standards but are prevented from changing or deleting them.
  • QA Tools: Allow selection of jobs and for trials to be associated with that job.
  • QA Tools: Improvements to the standard search to allow search by notes, job, description, tags and device ID. Also show associated tags, projects and customers in search list.
  • QA Tools: Allow a project to be copied.

Changes/Fixes Since 4.1.1

  • General: Ensure 'tempfiles' folder is always removed after use.
  • Pressroom Tools: Fixed display of roll scores in weighted scoring mode.
  • QA Tools: Fixed window layout chooser so that it is cleared in MacOS dark mode.
  • General: Improvements to file import and export to make processing consistent.
  • Reporting: Add opacity to reports.
  • Reporting: Add min/max/average dE to the full report.
  • Installer: Automatically install Windows dependencies (.NET runtimes).
  • QA Tools: Prevent system tags from being altered or removed.

New Features/Improvements Since 4.1.0:

  • QA Tools Search performance improvement on large databases.
  • QA Tools performance improvement opening Editor to create new items.
  • QA Tools added confirmation dialog before updating database to 4.x format.

Changes/Fixes Since 4.1.0:

  • QA Tools fix a bug preventing widgets from loading if Window Layout permission is disabled.
  • QA Tools fix a bug that could leave orphaned database connections on MS SQL Server.
  • QA Tools fix a bug printing the Trials widget.
  • QA Tools remove regionalized decimal point in CxF output.
  • QA Tools after creating a new item it is automatically highlighted and displayed in the Search list.
  • Preferences for IFS and API folders no longer revert to default locations after quitting ColorCert.

New Features/Improvements Since 4.0.2:

  • QA Tools: Added “Quick Compare” mode.
  • Pressroom Tools: Profiles can now include a mixture of measurement modes (new preference available for configuring how this works).
  • General: Instruments can now be configured from the device button.
  • Pressroom Tools: Rules can now be configured to use the updated visual assessment method.

Changes/Fixes Since 4.0.2:

  • Pressroom Tools: Same lightness and same density undertone method now revert to best match mode if the tint is outside the target tint ramp.
  • Dot Gain Editor: Editor now copes with switching methods and adjusting nominal tints with improved accuracy and consistency.

Changes/Fixes Since 4.0.1:

  • Fixed an issue with crash during Repository Server access.

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