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Ci6X Instrument Configuration Tool

Imię: Ci6X Instrument Configuration Tool

Wersja: v1.37

Wcześniejsza Wersja: v1.25

Data Wydania: stycznia 8, 2019

Typ pliku: PC EXE file

Pobierz: Wersja PC


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Notes: This update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Added Show/Hide option for Reset Factory Settings on device
  • Resolves Ci60 and CI61 device backup issues
  • Resolves transform options with Ci62L_RTL model
  • Auto Sample Name "Prefix + Text" has been removed and "Standard Name + Sample Number” is available for all Ci60, Ci62 and Ci64 models
  • Resolved issue with Delete All Standards and/or All Samples on Device
  • Instrument Settings / Standards tab, the Create Standard choices now include Measured Entry Enabled, Manual Entry Enabled, and Disabled
  • Updated Config tool color space and illuminant choice to match those available on the device connected (model specific)
  • Updated to allow users to specify instrument default coefficients for dE2000, dE94 and dECMC in the Color Setup tab within a ‘Default Coefficients’ group box.

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