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Dongle Replacement Policy For The Americas

Dongle broken
Dongle stolen
Dongle missing
Dongle lost
Dongle not functional
Dongle won't connect

Dongle replacements fall into one of three categories: 
1.       Broken
2.       Non-Functional
3.       Lost or Stolen

The broken dongle will need to be returned to X-Rite for inspection. Upon verification as broken and non-functional, a replacement dongle can be produced.  Replacement dongles can be purchased for $200 plus shipping, and any applicable taxes and/or duties.

Note: Digital images of broken dongles are not accepted as a form of verification. Return of the physical dongle is required.

This is defined as a dongle that appears to be fine physically, but will no longer work.  If the dongle is less than one year old, it will be replaced at no charge. If the dongle is over one year old, it will be treated the same as a “Broken” dongle.  All non-functional dongles are to be returned to X-Rite for verification prior to sending a replacement dongle.  
Lost or Stolen:

Lost or stolen dongles may be covered by insurance.  For a lost or stolen dongle, a new software package must be purchased.  Contact X-Rite at 888-826-3059, Option 2 for assistance. 

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