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Creating a Repeating Colorbar Pattern in IntelliTrax

With the IntelliTrax system, you must build a full colorbar. Most colorbar patterns repeat themselves - like wallpaper. 

You need only manually enter the first repeat. After you may use the system Create Repeat tool to speed the process of generating a full size colorbar.



Keep in mind when building color bars that there are typically three types of color bar alignments:

Left aligned - Color bar has the left edge as the fixed edge and is trimmed off at the right edge for it's sheet size.

Right aligned - Color bar is trimmed on the left for it's sheet size and the right edge is the fixed edge.

Center aligned - Color bar is trimmed equally from both the left and right edges. This is the most typical type of color bar alignment.

If your color bar is left or right aligned, all you will need to do is build the largest color bar you will ever need.

If your color bars are centered, you need to build the color bar specific for the largest sheet size you are using. Otherwise, the software will be confused due to what was trimmed off equally from the left and the right. 

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