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Limited Time Offer! $2000 Rebate on New eXact with Service Care Plans when you trade-in your legacy or competitive spectrophotometer.

Time is running out: Offer valid until December 31, 2021 (date of invoice)

Trade-In and Trade-Up to the Industry Standard Spectrophotometer Today

We are offering up to $2,000 when you trade-in your old spectro and purchase a new eXact with a Service Care Plan.

Why Upgrade to an eXact?

  • eXact is expandable! Each device can advance to the next level with just a password, making eXact a single portfolio that grows with your business needs.
  • eXact is ambidextrous! Every device is designed to be used by left- or right-handed operators.
  • eXact supports G7: Streamlines jobs on press by supporting all industry print standards: G7, ISO, PSO, and Japan Color
  • eXact is user-friendly! Every device is equipped with a large, simple touchscreen making it easy to search, program, and take measurements.
  • eXact thinks for itself! Every device has automated and integrated white tile calibration to ensure accurate measurements.
  • eXact provides enhanced spot color handling: Delivers direct and seamless access to latest Pantone libraries
  • eXact is efficient! Every device boasts an advanced spectral engine.

How does the rebate work?

  1. Purchase one of these eXact or eXact Xp products:
    • eXact/eXact Xp Standard
    • eXact/eXact Xp Advanced
    • eXact/eXact Xp Standard + Scan
    • eXact/eXact Xp Advanced + Scan
  2. Add one of these Service offerings:
    • Premium Service Contract
    • Certification Plus Service Contract
    • NetProfiler Plus Service Contract
  3. Send in your old device and get your $2000 rebate!

Submit your claim here.

Contact us today to see if your device qualifies.

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer valid only for qualifying products purchased with Service Care Plan.
  • Limit of one trade-in per instrument purchased.
  • All instruments must be returned unless approved by the product manager with proof of destruction.
  • Valid for purchases through December 31, 2021
  • All claims must be submitted no later than March 30, 2022
  • This offer can be terminated at any time without notice.

Instruments Valid for Trade-In:

  • X-Rite 500 Series
  • X-Rite 939, 962, 964
  • X-Rite or GretagMacbeth SpectroEye, SpectroEye LT
  • X-Rite or GretagMacbeth DensiEye 100, 700, 750
  • Gretag or GretagMacbeth D19C, D196
  • X-Rite SP60, SP62, SP64
  • X-Rite XTH
  • Ihara R710, R720, R730
  • Techkon SpectroDens
  • Techkon SpectroJet
  • KonicaMinolta FD-5, FD-7

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