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How to Ensure Regulatory-Compliant Life Science Brand Color Throughout the Supply Chain

Studies show consumers rely on the color of medication for identification and brand trust. To ensure safety, authenticity, and compliance across all applications – including liquids, gels, powders, plastic films, capsules, and packaging – brands must oversee and manage color across global manufacturing and packaging operations and generate a compliance audit trail for electronic recordkeeping.


Global brands rely on multiple suppliers to fulfill product demands, which opens the door for color mismatches and compliance issues.


Digital color allows brands to set precise color standards for life science products and packaging, communicate tolerances and color expectations to global manufacturers and printers. By implementing an end-to-end solution that includes a spectrophotometer, quality assurance software, and a light booth brands can electronically track standards and tolerances, evaluate and score provider compliance, and create an audit trail to integrate with electronic recordkeeping. Physical standards and a light booth ensure products and packaging remain in harmony before shipment.


How It Works

  1. A digital color standard is established by measuring a brand color sample with a benchtop spectrophotometer or selecting a pre-defined digital value.
  2. The digital brand color and associated tolerance are electronically communicated to product manufacturers and package printers.
  3. Throughout production, manufacturers and print suppliers send digital scorecard data to the brand.
  4. The brand uses quality control software to evaluate color accuracy and regulatory compliance and generate a digital audit trail for electronic recordkeeping.
  5. For visual evaluation, light booths can be used to compare manufactured products against brand standards to ensure color harmony between products and packaging under controlled lighting.

Featured Products

eXact Standard or Advanced

Handheld 45:0 spectrophotometer to measure the color of ink and substrates before, during, and after print production to ensure color stays on target.



Benchtop sphere spectrophotometer that offers the highest inter-instrument agreement and repeatability available to create color standards and set tolerances for brand product and packaging color. It can measure in both reflectance and transmission mode and be fitted with containers to hold a variety of samples types, including liquids, powders, films, and small pills.



Handheld sphere spectrophotometer to measure color values on reflective surfaces like metallic packaging and foil blister packs.



A suite of products for brands, manufacturers, and printers to share digital color standards and tolerances, evaluate adherence, and export audit and compliance logs for print and packaging applications.


Color iQC

Quality assurance software to share digital color standards and tolerances, evaluate adherence, and export audit and compliance logs for manufacturing and packaging applications.



Digital color repository that houses Pantone and custom brand colors to specify and communicate color standards and verify what is achievable on a given substrate before going to print.


Judge QC

Top-of-the-line light booth with 7 light sources for the most accurate daylight simulation available to visually assess color harmony between products and packaging.


Pantone Standards

Physical Pantone color standards used to communicate color expectations and evaluate tolerance adherence for package printing.


Munsell Standards

Custom brand color standards to communicate color expectations and evaluate tolerance adherence throughout product manufacturing.


Achieve Color Success

Using X-Rite’s suite of color tools, Life Science Brands can set standards and tolerances, ensure regulatory compliance, and generate an audit trail for electronic recordkeeping.

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