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Model #: ERX145


The ERX145 is a non-contact inline spectrophotometer with 45°:0° Geometry and a 30mm measurement spot. With a measurement distance of 60 mm it is specially designed for the coil Coating industry.

ERX145 – Color Accuracy on Any Coil Coating Line

The ERX145 inline spectrophotometer can eliminate costly production line color errors, especially in environments with frequent color changes. As part of an inline quality control system, it provides non-contact measurement using a 45°a:0° geometry and continuous reporting when paired with ESWin software.

The ERX145 is used in the laboratory, but it is also designed for the rough environment at the coil coating machine. It is installed behind the water quench where the product is still hot. If the color of a strip is important on both sides, it can be also measured from top and bottom to ensure a high quality each side.

The built-in pyrometer measures the actual temperature of the hot strip. Paired with the ESWin software it recalculates to color to room temperature so that the inline measurement shows an excellent correlation to the laboratory system.

It allows operators to monitor and correct color performance real-time throughout production without the need to take a sample for laboratory measurement.  



  • Can be mounted at a distance of 60 mm (2,4”) to take non-contact, non-destructive measurements without significant variation between inline and laboratory.
  • Operates safely in dusty environments.
  • Objective evaluation according to accepted international standards ensures integrity of inline measurement programs.

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