Is Your Lighting Really Standardized?


Stephen Robertson, X Rite Lighting Product Manager –

In this free webinar, you’ll learn how the SpectraLight QC (SPLQC) light booth leverages a data-driven back-end which ensures inter-instrument agreement across the supply chain. It allows for unprecedented real-time reporting and traceability on unit settings, lamp age and performance, operator certifications, and more.

Learn How To:

  • Evaluate products faster and easier under controlled lighting.
  • Automatically adjust fluorescent lamp voltage to maintain proper light levels.
  • Optimize visual assessment by leveraging exclusive tungsten halogen daylight.
  • Create profiles that can share preferences and settings across the supply chain.
  • Implement best practices of proper illumination and procedures in visual evaluation.

Featured Color Management Solutions

Learn more about the products featured in this webinar:


Spectralight QC

The SpectraLight QC is the light booth of choice for color-critical visual assessment of large and small items under daylight and other lighting conditions; includes 7 light sources.
virtual lightbooth

Judge QC

This affordable, durable light booth has 5 light sources for accurate evaluation of color under controlled lighting conditions for print, packaging and industrial applications.

Harmony Room

Harmony Room

Harmony Rooms are customized fit-and-finish rooms that provide best-in-class daylight simulation viewing conditions for large assembled items such as automobiles, furnishings, and carpets.


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