Color Management Conference - 16, 2018


Whether you’re a creative, brand professional, production specialist, or a color management expert, come to the 2018 Color Management Conference to learn from experts across the industry, on how to implement the best color strategies.

Attend these insightful presentations from our own X-Rite Pantone experts:

How Color Specificity Brings About Efficiency

  • Adrian Fernandez, VP of Packaging at X-Rite Pantone and GM of Pantone will explore the relationship between designers and production. Learn how getting specific early on helps generate momentum, accelerate time to market, maximizes creativity, and gives confidence that your design vision will be faithfully produced…the first time and every time

What’s New in Color Standards and Why Should You Care?

  • Ray Cheydleur, CGATS and TAG Chairman, will cover color standards recently accredited in 2017, including a discussion of where these standards are being implemented and when. He will also discuss the importance of staying current with standards development, where certification is important and how to get certified by various organizations, and answer questions from the audience on this somewhat complex topic.

Beyond Color: Capturing Appearance Characteristics

  • There are a plethora of materials and finishing options available to designers and brand owners today. With all of these options, it’s essential to be able to capture, render, and proof texture, gloss, reflective characteristics, and full dimensional forms—as well as the color—of the final product. Imagine a scanner that can capture both color and appearance data, and then render that into a physically correct virtual material that can be viewed in a virtual color viewing booth. See what’s on the horizon of print production workflow in this very informative session presented by Thomas Meeker, Solution Architect at X-Rite Pantone.

We’ll have a tabletop at the event where you and your team can come see demos of our latest color solutions for designers, brand owners and production team members, and have 1:1 discussions with our color experts.

Come see us at the 2018 Color Management Conference, January 13-16 in San Diego, CA!

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