Integration of real world materials has always been the missing link in digital product design. One obstacle to achieving true realism for footwear designs has been the inability to accurately measure and capture every appearance characteristic of the many materials used in footwear, and to accurately portray the full range of colorways for a product line in real-life manner.  Traditionally, design teams have approximated the physical (optical) behavior of materials in digital tools through tedious and time-consuming manual re-creation and editing. These “hand-made” virtual representations are neither accurate nor able to be shared across the numerous design and rendering tools used at various stages of the workflow, creating significant challenges for designers.

In this pre-recorded webinar, Marc Ellens PhD, Senior Software Engineer and TAC Evangelist, introduce AxF (Appearance eXchange Format) file: the premier file format exclusively designed for platform-independent storage and efficient digital communication of all measured appearance attributes. 

  • Cost savings (faster design process, and less physical samples prepared and shipped around)
  • Decreasing prototype numbers / cycle (accurate color and material visualization)
  • Faster time to market 
  • More flexibility (fast virtual material assessment)
  • More creativity (create more variants possibilities with no additional time or cost)
  • Customer satisfaction (direct integration, better and faster virtual assessment)
  • Faster communication to buyers and e-vendors

Watch this webinar to learn how this next generation file format can improve your product design process.

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Appearance Exchange Format (AxF™)

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