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Western Coatings Societies Symposium & Show October 20 - 23, 2019

Western Coatings Societies Symposium & Show | X-Rite Tradeshow & Events

Join X-Rite at booth #229 during the Western Coatings Symposium & Show from October 20-23 in Las Vegas, NV. We will be showing live demonstrations of a wide array of products to ensure that the color found in decorative paints and protective end-use coatings are right the first time, every time.

Solutions for Formulation:

  • The Ci7000 series are the supply chain instruments of choice that set a new standard for measuring and managing color.
  • Color iMatch software is the industry’s smartest formulation engine and yields better matches in fewer steps and with fewer corrections.

Solutions for Quality Control:

  • The Ci6x series are the most precise family of sphere spectrophotometers that deliver consistent color, improve profitability, and reduce waste and rework.
  • Color iQC software is an integral part to quality control processes and assures that color quality is consistent in the lab and throughout production.

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