Ace Hardware 2020 Spring Convention March 12 - 14, 2020

Ace Hardware 2020 Spring Convention X-Rite Tradeshow

With the right technology, it can be easy to measure and match retail paint colors. Do you have the right tools to measure your customers' samples? 

Stop by X-Rite’s booth at the Ace Hardware 2020 Spring Convention to learn about our most popular color matching solutions, including MetaVue for non-contact imaging measurements on a wider variety of customer samples, i1 Paint for color matching on common samples like fan deck cards and painted items, ColorDesigner PLUS color matching software, and our W Series product bundles.

What Ace Hardware stores are saying about X-Rite solutions…

“First, with an adjustable aperture that can measure sample areas as small as 2 mm, we can get an accurate scan from even the smallest sample. Sometimes customers only have a small chip of paint from their wall or other item, and before we often had to send them back for a larger sample. Since we’ve had MetaVue, we haven’t had to send a single person back for something larger.” - Bryan Crews, Owner, Stayton Ace Hardware

“The MetaVue color matching machine has been a complete game changer for our store.  We love being able to match fabrics and other bulky items. The ability to see the sample pictured on the computer screen just adds to the precision and accuracy.  Between the buyback of the old machine and the reduced rate of mismatches, over time the machine will pay for itself.” - Abby Gearhart, Owner, Green’s Ace Home Center

When: March 12-14, 2020
Where: McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago, IL
Booth #: 226

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