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Print quality is visually subjective. With over 12,000 SKUs a year and a small team of print specialists, it was impossible for Asda to attend every press pass across all of their suppliers to validate print quality. They needed a way to objectively evaluate quality and enable their printers to self-validate using pre-defined quantifiable data. 

Asda chose X-Rite’s ColorCert because it is specifically designed to help brands manage printer performance and print quality. By adding ColorCert to their workflow, Asda was able to remove subjectivity from the process and enabled them and their suppliers to intelligently manage color quality throughout their process with real-time measureable data.


According to Jason Gilmartin, Senior Print Manager at Asda:

“Implementing ColorCert has given us the tools to focus on colour and consistency, delivering an improvement in scores by up to 200%. This has also led to production efficiencies as printers have re-evaluated, and in most cases, tightened the control points in their processes. As brand owners, we can now measure print quality based on agreed criteria and measurable data rather than subjective opinions, which helped to further improve relationships with our approved printers as we clearly define and agree our expectations. We even offer Q&A sessions to interested printers and Brand owners to share the benefits of ColorCert as a quality assurance solution, as we continue to champion smart working.


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ColorCert Desktop Tools

For Quality Control in Print & Packaging

X-Rite ColorCert QA; Pressroom Quality Assurance Software

ColorCert QA

For Quality Control in Print & Packaging

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