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Why do I Keep Losing My Color iControl License?

Why do I Keep Losing My Color iControl License?This problem can occur if you have Norton's SpeedDisk, a defragmentation utility, on your system. Speed Disk is the defragmentation utility included in Norton Utilities. It moves CrypKey licensing files, causing license loss.

CrypKey uses four special licensing files (*.ent, *.rst, *.key, and *.41s) to control your product licensing. These files are hidden system files and reside in the same directory as the protected product [in our case: Program Files\GretagMacbeth\Common Files\Control\ ] CrypKey products are generally immune to these types of programs; however, in the case of SpeedDisk, sometimes you must take steps to ensure that the CrypKey licensing files (hidden system files) remain unaffected.

Important: The Microsoft Windows Degfrag tools will not affect this since they do not relocate system files!

To prevent license loss:

1. Open Speed Disk and choose File > Options > Customize > Unmovable Files.

2. Specify that the *.ent, *.rst, *.key files cannot be moved (the .41s files do not matter)

3. Choose File > Options > Optimization and Save to save the new profile.