PANTORA Processing Node 2021.1

名前: PANTORA Processing Node

バージョン: 2021.1

旧バージョン: v1.6.1

リリース日: 11月 30, 2020

ファイルタイプ: Self-Extracting EXE

ファイルをダウンロード: PC バージョン



Before using Pantora 2021.1 it is necessary to upgrade the TAC7 Firmware to
Firmware upgrade is done with TAC7Diagnostics 1.7.1, which all can be downloaded here.

In order to use Pantora’s 2021.1 new Spectrophotometer connectivity feature, it is recommended to update the respective device driver and Firmware to the latest version. Please find the corresponding downloads at Ci7XX0, MetaVue, and MA-T12.  

Pantora 2021.1 contains the following new features and improvements:

  • Support for new AxF 1.8 features
    • Rough and/or colored coatings
    • Colored transparency
    • Measurement data from spectrophotometers
    • Spectral Carpaint (BRDF color table)
    • Resource sharing on file level for efficient storage of material catalogs
  • New “Connect” tab
    • Supports appearance measurements with the following X-Rite devices
      • Ci7XX0 (sphere benchtop spectrophotometer)
      • MetaVue (non-contact imaging spectrophotometer)
      • MA-T12 (multi-angle imaging spectrophotometer)
    • Allows creating spectral AxF representations ((SV)BRDF, Translucent and Carpaint)
    • Enables storing measurement data from spectrophotometers in AxF files
    • Note: When editing and saving AxF files containing measurement data with earlier PANTORA versions (before PANTORA 2021.1), that data will be lost.
  • New TAC7 features
    • Measurement of colored transparency (TAC7-202-KIT required)
    • Detection of fluorescence during prescan (TAC7-202-KIT required)
    • Measurement of translucent materials with blurring (using surface roughness)
    • New program for measuring colored coatings on a pre-defined substrate (experimental)
  • New Editor features
    • New “Measurements” tab to inspect the measurements associated with the edited material
      • Measurements can be exported to CxF
      • Individual samples, i.e. single spectra or images, can be exported to CSV or EXR
    • New “Variants” tab for easily creating variants of AxF materials using one of (or combinations of) the following variation functions
      • Transfer Surface Structure 
      • Transfer Roughness to Volumetric
      • Transfer Color via Luminance/Chroma Split
      • Transfer Coating Layer
      • Replace Base Layer
      • Convert to Uniform Representation
  • Editor Improvements and Changes
    • Option for converting spatially varying representations to “uniform” representations
    • Option for converting all spectral resources of a representation to RGB resources
    • Increased maximum physical size (Size (cm)) that can be specified for a texture
      Improved progress bar shared between all Editor tabs, also allowing to cancel tasks
    • Improved the crop expansion feature for preserving original material size
    • Preserving the environment lighting setting in 3D preview when editing
    • Additional information about selected items in the Representations Editor
    • Improved “Create New Material” dialog, fully supporting new AxF 1.8 features, and now also enabling the creation of volumetric representations and/or spectral resources
    • Fixed loading of and more efficient in-file storage of edited Carpaint materials
  • TAC7 Processing Improvements and Changes
    • Additional Carpaint Expert Options:
      • "Diffuse Only" model (for uni-color paints without effect pigments)
      • "Use full ROI" for Orange Peel
      • Control texture size and angular lifetime of effect pigments
    • CPA2 processing now employs full resolution of camera 4
    • Fixed potential violation of zero-mean in CPA2 flake textures
    • Several fitting improvements and fixes, especially for Metals
    • Support for custom shell commands executed after post-processing
    • Option for exporting plastic chip 3D models as OBJ in Translucency Setup
    • Removed deprecated Carpaint formats (CPA version 1 and legacy .cpa format) and SVBRDF “Baseline” checkbox from processing options
  • Viewer Improvements and Changes
    • Rendering of representations with colored transparency
    • Rendering of representations with colored and/or rough coatings
    • Approximate rendering of volumetric representations
    • Option for hiding/showing individual objects
    • Point Light rendering supports approximate spectral rendering and selecting CIE Illuminants
  • Preview Images and Thumbnails
    • For spectral representations, spectral thumbnails are stored in the AxF file
    • Spectral thumbnails can be lit with different CIE standard illuminants in the Material Tray and the Browser
    • Custom preview images with different illuminations (e.g. area lights to visualize coatings) and different sizes can be created in the Editor (experimental)
    • Option for preferring custom over default thumbnails in the Material Tray and the Browser
    • Indicator icons for spectral representations, coated representations and materials with measurement data
  • Import / Export improvements
    • CxF import, supporting measurements from spectrophotometers (0/45°, Multi-Angle, d/8°)
    • Material export to Keyshot data base (experimental; Keyshot installation required)
  • General Improvements
    • Unified, refined and cleaned-up GUI style
    • Material Tray supports additional User Trays
    • Extended and revised set of example materials

Other Downloads here:

PANTORA 2021.1
PANTORA Distribution Server 2021.1