InkFormulation v6.3

Download: InkFormulation

Version: v6.3

Previous Version: v6.21

Release Date: 08/08/2016

File Type: PC - EXE file

Download: PC Version

Notes: Version 6.3 includes the following new features:

  • More seamless integration with QC software like ColorCert and Color iQC Print:
    • Ink professionals can quickly compare their formulations to a digital color reference stored in the PantoneLIVE ecosystem.
    • Both the formula and reference data are available to QC software for a pass/fail analysis.
    • Connectivity to ScoreCard Server to identify how well a press run achieved the print specification defined in a job.
  • Improved Performance for On-Press Corrections:
    • Reformulation data immediately sent to X-Rite InkFormulation software
    • The ink room can make appropriate adjustments and dispense the new formula, speeding up the correction process on press.
  • MIS Integration Capability:
    • The MIS system can request from InkFormulation Software a new material number based on specifications and naming conventions defined in the MIS, or by referencing a multi-color CxF file stored in PantoneLIVE or elsewhere.
    • All ink recipes required for a given job can be linked to that job, streamlining the workflow even further.
  • Job-based framework to better support customer operations and workflows:
    • The new formulation tab enables formulation and correction of whole jobs coming from quality control software.
    • This new capability will use tags to associate ink recipes to individual jobs.
  • And more:
    • Increased automation in batch processing and the addition of LCH metrics to improve quantity and quality of match selections.
    • Gamut viewer to visually assess the color gamut of your ink assortments.

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