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InkFormulation ColorQuality RDP Client v1.5.0

名前: InkFormulation ColorQuality RDP Client

バージョン: v1.5.0

旧バージョン: v1.4.1

リリース日: 4月 2, 2019

ファイルタイプ: PC - Self-extracting Executable

ファイルをダウンロード: PC バージョン

注記: Client for eXact, Ci4200, Ci4200UV, Ci52, Ci52S, Ci62, Ci62L, Ci62S, Ci64, Ci64L, Ci64UV, Ci7600, Ci7800, and Ci7860 to connect to InkFormulation / ColorQuality 6.1 Online or later via RDP.

Requires SpectroServer 3.3 or later.

This client needs to be installed on the client computers to connect to InkFormulation / ColorQualty 6 Online. Additionally, the instrument USB driver from the instrument CD or from needs to be installed.

Please refer to the Online Client Installation Notes.
This version eliminates known appearances of Virtual Channel error.