ColorDesigner PLUS v3.7 Patch 6

名前: ColorDesigner PLUS Patch

バージョン: v3.7 Patch 6

旧バージョン: v3.7 Patch 5

リリース日: 6月 22, 2020

ファイルタイプ: PC - Zipped installer

ファイルをダウンロード: PC バージョン


Patch 6 includes the following updates:

  • Previously, customer formulas imported from other software could not be rematched, even if the imported file contained sufficient data to support the rematch capability of CD PLUS. This issue has been corrected. Customer formulas will need to be reimported after installing Patch 6.

Patch 6 also includes everything in all previous patches:

Patch 5 included the following updates:

  • When using CD PLUS with the MetaVue spectrophotometer, the instrument would occasionally begin measuring as soon as the color match screen was opened, before the software operator initiated a measurement. This intermittent issue has been corrected.
  • With the custom color match feature, traditional auto base selection did not function correctly with certain color matching databases (part numbers starting with CFH803 or CF803). It has been corrected.
  • Scaling a formula with a decimal display format would sometimes result in the ounce value being lost. This error has been corrected.
  • Formula display formatting has been extended to allow formats with 4 decimal places.

Patch 4 included the following updates:

  • When a formula containing a zero amount was received into the Dispenser Queue from a remote system, CD PLUS would freeze. This error has been corrected; the zero amount is now ignored.
  • Editing a formula received into the Dispenser Queue from a remote system caused CD PLUS to freeze. The issue has been solved, and now these formulas can be edited.
  • After an Automatic Database Update, the CBO Number increment was not being updated. It is now updated.

Patch 2 included the following updates:

  • The purge and purge all functions with Hero dispensers now operate reliably. Previously, these functions would sometimes fail.
  • The Lookup configuration of CD PLUS (a license that excludes support for color matching) now includes the Setup tabs in Settings for Barcodes, Color Navigator, and Formula Display. It also includes the Paint Tips feature.
  • Added the capability to have characters from non-Western European languages in color matching databases.
  • Updated the web service addresses used for software registration and activation, so they will not be cached by third party services. This enables IT organizations to configure their security software to allow network traffic to these URLs, without the URLs changing in the future.

Patch 1 included the following updates:

  • The ability to receive formulas into the Dispenser Queue via a text file was updated; the file format was changed and several minor issues were resolved. It is compatible with Benjamin Moore COLORx software versions starting at v6.36.0000.
  • The CD PLUS settings file is automatically backed up daily. If the active settings file becomes corrupted, the X-Rite support team can quickly guide the user to find the most recent backup and restore it.
  • A cosmetic issue on the Customer File import screen was corrected.
  • When CD PLUS is used with the Fluid Management IDD (dispenser driver), the IDD does not require activation.

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