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Plain and simple: Controlled lighting is critical to any color workflow. This limited-time promotion is a perfect opportunity to enhance your visual assessment with top-of-the-line controlled lighting. 

BUT, our SpectraLight QC is more than just your basic light booth. 

  • Seven light sources including CIE Daylight, Cool White Fluorescent, Incandescent “A” & 2300K/Horizon, UVA, two more fluorescent types (choice of U30, U35, TL83, and TL84), and choice of 2 LED light sources (L940 or L950)
  • Highest quality natural daylight simulation available
  • Built-in lux sensors maintain maximum lamp output, compensating for age and wear
  • Calibrated UV monitors maintain inter-instrument agreement
  • Certified replacement lamps for better traceability
  • Wireless remote control, USB, and Ethernet connection for companies looking to install SpectraLight luminaires as a controlled lighting Harmony Room
  • Light booth certification monitoring via PC and SpectraLightQC software to maintain confidence in lighting luminance 
  • Interactive setup, installation, and training video included to ensure quick installation and training of new booth

Hurry! Offer ends December 31st. We don’t discount our best very often!

Promotion Terms & Conditions:

  • May not be combined with any other offers other than those listed
  • May be withdrawn without notice



SpectraLight QC