Today more than ever cashflow is critical for the success of every business. So how do you purchase business propelling color measurement solutions whilst preserving this precious resource? Leasing is an incredibly effective way of allowing your business to hold on to its cash whilst investing in the technology of the future today. You can spread the cost over any period of time from 24 to 60 months without the need for any upfront lump sum.

Why Lease?

  • No large upfront costs
  • 100% tax allowable
  • Preserves cash for critical business needs
  • Fixed manageable payments for the entire term, irrespective of interest rate changes
  • Enables accurate budgeting
  • Optimize commercial credit sources
  • Preserve existing bank lines of credit
  • Take advantage of technology advancements anytime at a reasonable cost

Qualifying Products for Leasing:

  • Benchtop Spectrophotometers: Ci7000 Series, MetaVue VS3200
  • Portable Spectrophotometers: MA-T Series, Ci6x Series, eXact Family
  • Scanning Instruments: eXact Auto-Scan, IntelliTrax 2

Available in EMEA only.