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Trade-up your spectrophotometer today to gain unrivaled color measurement precision from inspiration through formulation, production, and quality control. For a limited time, we are offering 25% off the list price of either a Ci7800 or Ci7860 sphere benchtop with a NetProfiler plus Service Contract when you trade-in your existing benchtop.

Why Upgrade? 

Built on a legacy of innovation, the Ci7000 series of benchtop sphere spectrophotometers are specifically designed to minimize measurement and procedural errors and ensure the most accurate and consistent color control available. Our Ci7000 Series of benchtops offer: 

  • Industry-leading inter-instrument agreement and repeatability
  • Preserve legacy color data with backwards data compatibility to your existing instrument
  • Ability to capture and save an image of each measurement with an on-board camera
  • Measure a wide range of sample sizes with multiple standard and optional reflectance and transmission apertures
  • Fasten a wide range of fixturing accessories to the instrument to measure a broad range of sample types
  • Embedded NetProfiler to ensure your instrument is always optimized for measurements 

Benefits of NetProfiler Plus Service Contract

  • Reduce downtime in servicing old devices with a new device that is covered under warranty and service contract.
  • Pair with NetProfiler to minimize color variance among instruments. NetProfiler is a combination of software and ceramic standards to regularly verify and optimize instrument performance.
  • Valid until December 30, 2020
  • Competitive trade-ins require the return of the instrument
  • X-Rite trade-ins require the return of the instrument
  • X-Rite reserves the right to limit the number of trade-ins