Are you tired of 12 or more steps to get to an acceptable color match? This formulation bundle is specifically tailored to help plastics and coatings formulation environments achieve accurate color, faster than ever.

Our Total Color Formulation Package includes one of each of the following:*

Color iMatch One of the most critical ingredients for formulation success, formulation software makes formulating color a breeze.
Ci7600 Benchtop Our benchtop instruments set a new standard for measuring, managing, and communicating color. When paired with NetProfiler and Color iMatch, they offer an unprecedented audit trail in a package that is more stable, repeatable, and easier to service than any other benchtop sphere spectrophotometer in the market today.
NetProfiler A health check for your instruments, our unrivaled NetProfiler software ensures your color measurement instruments keeps performing within tolerance so you can keep waste and rework to a minimum.

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*Bundle will be tailored to your specific workflow. Products outlined here are a baseline and can be adjusted as necessary.

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Reflectance and Transmission Measurement Benchtop Spectrophotometer; Ci7600



Color iMatch プラスチック、塗装、テキスタイルの調色

Color iMatch